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[ui!] Australia powered Ipswich to become a Smart City

simon tully cambell webUrban Institute’s Simon Kaplan, Economic Development and Digital City Committee chairperson Councillor Paul Tully and Smarter Technology Solutions’ Cambell Priest at the North Ipswich Reserve Smart City pilot site.

As one of Australia´s fastest growing cities, the City of Ipswich is delivering an ambitious plan to become Australia’s most liveable and prosperous Smart City. [ui!] supplied a ‘smart pole’ (imHLa = integrated multifunctional humble lamppost) at Ipswich Reserve as one of the first electric car charging stations in Ipswich.

The Smight Air Streetlight’s charging station has a Type 2 DIN standard connection for electric vehicles and is a fast charging station owing to the connection to 3-phase power. Each charging point has up to 22 kW capacity.

Also [ui!] supplied the Council of Ipswich with a [ui!] UrbanPulse for the data collection of the two Smart City pilot sites at North Ipswich
Reserve and Rosewood Showgrounds with technology such as autonomous mowers, smart benches with phone charging capabilities and intelligent public lights, bins and solar power.

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