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Finally a joint end of the year again


The employees of the [ui!] group of companies finally met physically again for an end-of-year event in Frankfurt to chat, discuss, philosophize and simply review the past year.
Managing Director Lutz Heuser took the opportunity to thank all employees for their work and support in the current year and at the same time to provide an outlook on the requirements of the new year. [ui!] has set itself numerous challenging but also exciting goals for the coming year, which will be achieved together.

                               The different skills of the [ui!] team were subsequently demonstrated during a visit to a black-light 3D indoor mini-golf course. With a lot of team spirit, commitment, intelligence, cleverness, courage, skill, know-how and fun, 18 courses were mastered in two hours.

Everyone had a lot of fun and there was also plenty of time for conversation. These were then continued into the early hours of the morning during dinner, a quiz and a round of Secret Santa. Some even took the opportunity to talk about this and that, for which there is usually no time in everyday life, until breakfast.

In the end, everyone agreed that although we work together virtually on a daily basis, it is absolutely important to do something together as a team in one place every now and then, and this will be continued in the future.

We wish all employees as well as our partners and customers a peaceful, blessed Christmas season and a good, healthy, peaceful and successful New Year.