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[ui!] @ 2nd Hungarian Future Internet Conference


The Future Internet is one of the main driving force of the innovation nowadays, and a key element of the deploying Digital Ecosystems and Information Society all over the world. The 2nd Hungarian Future Internet Conference is the national forum of the next generation Internet in Hungary in 2015. The First Hungarian Future Internet Conference in 2014 provided a broad overview on the trends of the Internet technology, the emerging opportunities, and the domestic research results in this wide field. The 2nd Hungarian Future Internet Conference focuses on the Smart City ecosystems and applications, as well as e-Healthcare issues; its subtitle is “Focusing on Smart Cities”.

The 2nd Hungarian Future Internet Conference (in Hungarian: Magyar Jövő Internet Konferencia, MJIK 2015) will be organized jointly by the Future Internet National Technology Platform (FI NTP) and the Future Internet Research Coordination Centre (FIRCC), in cooperation with the Scientific Association of Infocommunications (HTE), the SMARTPOLIS project, the Hungarnet Association and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The MJIK 2015 will be held at November 11, 2015, in the Infopark of Budapest, in the Bldg of Informatics of the BME (1117 Budapest, Magyar tudósok krt. 2.). The MJIK 2015 is supported by the Horizon2020 Teaming project “SMARTPOLIS”, a consortium the BME, Fraunhofer FOKUS and Urban Software Institutes, and is involved in the programme of the Month of Sciences, edited by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Welcome to register to the MJIK 2015 on, without registration fee.

The Conference has three sessions, a morning session in English on Smart City Ecosystems, and two afternoon sessions in Hungarian on the e-Health trends and the Smart City challenges and solutions. One of the speaker was Prof. Dr. Lutz Heuser.

  • Lutz Heuser (Urban Software Institute): European Smart City Plans and Experiences