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Guests from Singapore at [ui!] Darmstadt

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Today the office in Darmstadt had again international visitors - this time from Singapore. Christina Gan, CIO of the Ministry of Social and Family Development visited [ui!] with colleagues from the IT department and represantatives of Microsoft Singapore. The aim was to get information on Big Data and IoT as Singapore already has a lot of data, and now they are looking for ways to evaluate, use and visualize them.


Lutz Heuser presented the activities of [ui!] and different solutions with [ui!] UrbanPulse. This sparked an detailled discussions with the guests.



Fernando Lyardet, Director Developement, presented the [ui!] COCKPIT with its ability to visualize previously collected and prepared data. Afterwards there was a test drive through Darmstadt to demonstrate the advantages of the [ui!] ECOMAT with its traffic light phase prediction.


The delegation then concluded with a visit to the road and traffic department of the city of Darmstadt, where Ralf Tank spoke about the open urban platform and the presentation of the traffic data with the support of [ui!] TRAFFIC.


The delegation left the meeting with the intention of conducting further talks in Singapore shortly.