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Lutz Heuser moderated INSIDE Congress of the

[ui!] employees are often requested as competent and experienced experts for conferences in the field of Smart City / Smart Region.

This week, our CEO, Lutz Heuser, moderated the INSIDE Congress 2023 of and spanned the various presentations with the guiding principle: "There is a need for a platform economy for the energy industry and waiting, regarding implementation by the public utilities, is a step backwards." Therefore, everyone agreed that action must be taken now.

This year's INSIDE conference was all about the platform economy. Experts from and its partner network discussed how the current challenges of the energy industry can be overcome with the help of various platforms and solutions. Among other things, they addressed the question of how secure data exchange can be carried out in such a way that the effort for the individual user and user is minimized. Furthermore, it was about data economy and how internal data can be blended with external data and how analyses can be created in self-service. Finally, there was the current question of how energy can be saved. The idea of an energy-saving world as a customer loyalty program for public utilities.